TikTakTest goes to Berlin
25. 11. 2011  •  TikTakTest

TikTakTest will be presented in international circles - at the conference Online Educa Berlin - for the first time next week. Over 2000 representatives of educational institutions, businesses, NGOs and public sector are coming to the conference in Berlin from over 100 countries. The conference is the biggest event in the field of e-learning in the world.

Each year the conference presents a key event of the international networking of people and institutions in the field of e-learning. During the conference participants discuss the aspects and trends of e-learning and opportunities for further growth of the quality of individual services. The first international presentation of the system will be on December 1st between 14:30 and 17:30 during the Demonstration and Best Practice Showcase, which presents 13 selected systems this year. During this time visitors will have the opportunity to examine the functions of TikTakTest, and will also be able to solve the tasks in the system.

At that point there will be a lot of opportunities to talk with individuals about the performance, usability, proliferation, perspectives and criticisms of this system. TikTakTest will be represented at the conference by its author and postgraduate student Benjamin Kralj (official presentation of the speaker at the conference).

17th conference will take place from 30th November until 2nd December. It is organized by the German International Conferences, Workshops and Exhibitions (ICWE), which specializes in organizing events for the education sector, education and information, and communication technology. This year’s conference highlights among others include: shifts in learning culture; new learning environments; new practices drawing new policies and processes; demonstration and best practice showcase session.

The plenary sessions will also present the views of keynote speakers from U.S., Norway, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and Canada with different thematic thought-provoking and motivational presentations.

TikTakTest which is, from today onwards, also available in English, and as such paving the way for possible use in other countries. It was first presented in thesis disputation in July 2008,and later the Slovenian schools began to use it during the survey on doctoral study during the 2010/2011 academic year.

Benjamin Kralj

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